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What is coffee? Before going further in this section, I believe it’s important to answer this question before: what is coffee? We all know the drinks and any dishes that can be prepared with it, but how many of us know how it gets there?

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How do you make your coffee? Are you a mocha aficionado or you would rather have your selection of capsules? Do you like to roast and grind the beans yourself? Let's have a look together at how we can do all of it!

Coffee Books


Have you ever wondered how coffee came to be? Who thought, one day, that those cherries could be containing much more than what the eye could see? Come here if you want to learn more about the history of your favourite drink.


What would a coffee blog be without mentioning drink? Hot or cold, sweet or coarse, we all love our coffee-based drinks depending on our mood, the time of the day or any other reason. Let's read about them while sipping our drinks!

Food & Stories

Coffee beans not only make great drinks, but exceptional dishes can be created thanks to them as well. From simply coating the beans with chocolate to more elaborate sweet -or flavoured- dishes, there is plenty of choice!

Coffee Places & Events

Where do you like to have a coffee? Is there a place that has a special place in your heart or you prefer to make it yourself? Any café or specialty coffee shop? Come share your experiences and favourite places with us!

Welcome on the Coffee Maker website! You will find here all kind of information about coffee, its history, varieties, recipes and much more... let's enjoy together the joy of this great fruit the earth has given us in all its forms!
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