Caffè Shakerato
Caffè shakerato - cold coffee Italian style

Caffè Shakerato

It is known, everyone in Italy loves to drink a smoking hot espresso when they feel the need of their favourite drink, but there are some times when the weather is simply too hot for it and people can’t bear the thought of hot drinks…

This is the very reason why the “caffè shakerato” -literally shaken coffee- exists.
This is simply an iced variant that allows to taste all the aroma of your coffee while feeling refreshed and making it more bearable during hot days.

The base to prepare it is quite simple: coffee, ice cubes and a bit of sugar. All that is needed afterwards is to put those ingredients together in a shaker and then, well, shake it.
It will result in a two-layered drink with nice and liquid coffee on the bottom covered by a light foam very similar to the one you could find in an Irish coffee!

Of course, everyone can add their personal touch to it, as long as the final result is something to be enjoyed!


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