Coffee Cream
Coffee Cream, Turin, Italy

Coffee Cream

What is coffee cream?

Some of you may have heard – and tried- it during your summer holidays in any Italian bar, other may not. This short article is here to explain what it is and, especially, why it is so good! The latter being the main reason why we have decided to dedicate an article to it rather than including it in the cold drinks one 😀

The Italian caffè crema – or caffè del nonno* – is said to be originally from Lecce, from the famous Avio Bar that created an original recipe in the middle of the twentieth century, consisting in adding chopped ice to a mix of coffee and almond milk that would create the creamy texture.

Nowadays, a good variation consists in using fresh cream, some sugar and a few cups of espresso, finding the balance that is right for you and just enjoy a filling, sweet and reinvigorating “drink”!

There are several variations and similar beverages/sweets over the world, like the Cà phê đá from Vietnam or the Café Helado from Chili, that both used different ingredients (condensed milk and dulce de leche being the main differences here!) so if you have the chance to do so, don’t hesitate!

*Caffè del nonno means “grandfather’s coffee” in Italian

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  1. Loving it! Looking forward to see an article about coffee stations with all accessories

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