Cold drinks
Foamy caffè Shakerato Italian Style

Cold drinks

Summer is here and some of us have been feeling the heat already and dreaming of ice coffees.
As we talked about the caffè shakerato in our previous article that is quite good during the hot days, let’s not forget about the other options available for enjoying the good taste of coffee while refreshing ourselves.

This list is not exhaustive and there are always different variations of the same drink, but we will talk about the most famous ones around the world.


  • Iced Coffee: as its name indicates it, this drink consists in coffee with ice and can have several variations such as Iced latte, iced mocha, iced cappuccino…
    Whether brewing the coffee hot or cold – the latter will be explained right after in this article – places the drink in a different category, thus the two should not be confused.When brewing the coffee hot, there is no specific method compared to a normal coffee as the drink is prepared and afterwards ice is added to it in order to cool it.
    In case sweeteners, sugar or any flavourings are added to the drink, this is made while the drink is still hot so  that it can dissolve properly and incorporate in the drink properly.Several countries have different variations of iced coffee, but its origins can be traced back to Algeria in the 19th century, where it was prepared with coffee syrup and cold water. From there, several cold coffee beverages started appearing and being marketed all around the world.


  • Cold Brew: As said previously, this is a different kind of cold coffee. The main difference being that it is simply coffee being brewed cold.In order to prepare it, the ground coffee is infused with water for about 24h, resulting in the extraction of specific flavour compounds that are different than the ones extracted from a hot brewing method. The final drink will have a sweeter taste than it’s hot brewed counterpart, presenting less acidity.


  • Greek Frappé Coffee: One of the summer favourites for coffee lovers on the beach, the frappé coffee is a Greek drink that was accidentally created by a Nescafe representative in 1957. During a presentation of their products, he wanted to have his coffee but could not find hot water to make it, so he decided to mix his instant coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker. Since then, it became one of the most popular coffees in Greece – obviously marketed by Nestlé!


  • Affogato: This is the perfect match for the ones that love both a good coffee and ice cream. And the best part is: it doesn’t take much to prepare!
    All you need for this treat is a scoop (or two…) of vanilla gelato and then pour a shot of espresso over it.
    This is of course the basic one that is mainly served in Italy – where it originated from – then everyone can feel free to add biscuits, berries or even liqueurs.


  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee: After the introduction of coffee in Vietnam by the
    phin cà phê 

    French, the Vietnamese people took the drink to a whole new level and created their own traditional coffee based recipes, one of them being the Vietnamese iced coffee.

    The drink is traditionally made with a coarse dark ground Vietnam grown coffee dripped into a specific filter called phin cà phê and then served with ice cubes.
    The most popular way -and probably most famous outside of Vietnam- of drinking this coffee is by adding a few spoons of sweet condensed milk to balance with the coarse coffee!


  • Yuanyang: This one is for the coffee and tea lovers that can’t decide on which one they want to drink. A popular mix of both in Hong Kong, the Yuanyang is made of two thirds milk tea and one third coffee, adding to the mellow and sweet milk tea flavour the bitterness of coffee.
    This beverage can actually be served hot or cold, so depending on the weather, why not try both?

If you want to see more about iced coffee and how to make it, check out this video from La table de Rose & Kiki and make sure to like their page!


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