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Manchester Coffee Festival

If you love speciality coffee and are in the UK, then the Manchester Coffee Festival is a must for you.

The first article to inaugurate the section is a special one: we are going to talk about an event that takes place in Manchester, United Kingdom, every year.

CupNorth treats us with the fifth edition of the Festival at the Victoria Warehouse over the weekend. With big name partners participating to the event, there is no surprise that every participant has a lot to look forward to. From entertaining contests to various stalls presenting their speciality, there is enough to fill your belly with sweets and taste the different coffees, cold brews and teas all around.

Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge for personal or professional purpose, you can definitely find here what you are looking for. Tools, several set-ups and training offers that would allow you to build up the necessary skills for work are presented. At the same time, you can just go around and discover brands and products of small cafes that are only looking for making you discover their love and dedication for coffee.

The best part is: everyone here is friendly and will happily present their products, explain and answer to any question you may have, just sharing the passion!

We even had the chance to make an attempt to latte art… obviously that did not go well, but getting professional tips is priceless!

What Next?

Finally: if you didn’t have the chance to participate in the event this weekend, there are a lot of festival of the sort around the UK and the world, so just check out what’s around you and you can be sure you will find what you are looking for!

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