Coffee grinders
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Coffee grinders

Why is the coffee grinder one of the most important tools for a coffee lover?

This is a very interesting question that some people don’t always ask themselves. I mean after all, is there an actual reason for going through the pain of hand grinding your coffee beans rather than just buy ground coffee straight away? And the answer is yes.

Let’s first explain what a coffee grinder is, for everyone that just joined the marvellous world of coffee. As the name implies, it’s the tool that is used in order to grind your beans, usually there is a choice between blur grinder and blade grinders.

Blade grinders

This type of grinder is usually cheaper than blur ones and work by smashing the beans into very small pieces thanks to the fast-moving blades. As you noticed, we have used here the word “smashing”. This will provide ground coffee that does not present an even size, which is not ideal both for brewing and for the tools you will brew with.

Blur grinders

Almost everyone will agree that blur grinders are the best option. The first reason why being because they actually “grind” the coffee with the two blurs: one remains unmoved while the other one moves. That will provide uniform particles that will make for a better cup of coffee. It also gives you the opportunity to choose how coarse or fine you want your coffee, depending on the brewing tool you will use.

One other point of the blur grinders is that, when grinding at low speed, they will avoid heating the beans, providing again a better quality for the final product.

Hario Coffee Grinder

Hario Coffee Grinder

Obviously, not everyone can afford professional grinders, but if you do not mind taking your time to make sure you have the best possible coffee at home, hand grinding is an option worth considering. One of our personal favourites is a ceramic hand grinder from Hario, you can have a look below:

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