Café crème
café crème

Café crème

Today, we are making a post that should answer a question that some people may ask sometimes: What is a café crème?

It just sounds like a fancy French name for a coffee, but do you know what it actually is?

This name could mean two things: the first one would just be a way to call the espresso that was used during the middle of the 20th century.

The one that interests us in here is the second meaning: a long espresso that is usually served in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy, especially along the borders between the countries.

  • Germany: It is called either café crème or Kaffee and is the type of coffee usually served when asking for coffee
  • Italy: this is different than the previously mentioned coffee cream. This is a hot drink while the other is almost a frozen creme, the latter not really being something to drink during cold winter days!

Brewing methods always change depending on where the coffee is made but the main features are as follow.
The café crème is originally an espresso brewed with coarser ground beans, with more water and a longer brewing time. This will create a coffee with more body, hence the difference with a regular espresso.

All of this makes a perfect drink to warm yourself up during winter so enjoy brewing and tasting it, winter is coming!

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