Espresso-based drinks

Espresso-based drinks

We have talked about a few espresso-based drinks such as the cappuccino, the flat white or the espresso itself. It is now time to have a quick look at all the most common drinks that are made with it.

  • Espresso

As already mentioned, the espresso is a small and strong drink made by using finely ground coffee under high water pressure. The ratio of the weight of ground coffee to the weight of the final beverage is about 1:2 and ideally presents a top layer of crema.


  • Ristretto

From the Italian “restricted”, this drink consists in making a smaller and stronger cup of coffee than a normal espresso, by using less water for the same amount of ground coffee, with finer amount of ground coffee to increase the extraction time (as mentioned in our pour-over brewing method article).


  • Lungo

Lungo meaning “long” in Italian, this has been brewed for a long time by simply using more water than a normal espresso in the brewing process. Due to the lack of taste and body in the final cup, this brew was not appreciated, but this recently changed with new methods consisting in using lighter roasted coffee. The final result will be more balanced and complex than its predecessor.


  • Caffè Macchiato

Again, an Italian word that means “stained” and that consists in an espresso with the addition of some milk foam. Nowadays there are several variations, especially in big chains, that are called “macchiato” but most of them have nothing to do with the original.


  • Cappuccino

We will skip the history of its naming, as we already mentioned it in our previous article. It consists of an espresso mixed with equal amounts of milk and foam, as described in the cappuccino rule of thirds.


  • Caffè latte

This drink was originated once the espresso became famous all over the world. Due to the fact that it was too bitter for some customers, it became common for them to ask for milk in their drinks, making it sweeter and weakening the strong flavours of the coffee.

Caffè latte

  • Flat white

Again, we’ll skip the history (you can still check it here!). This is the perfect drink for people that want to make latte art thanks to the small amount of foam and, like in a latte, the flavour of the coffee is more present and strong than in a cappuccino.

Flat White

  • Americano

The story goes that American soldiers stationed in Italy found the espresso too strong and they started asking for their coffee to be served with additional hot water. It’s quite simple to brew an americano at home: all you need is to pour some hot clean water in a cup and then add a double shot of espresso in it.


  • Cortado

This drink is originally from Madrid, in Spain, where it is commonly served. This drink generally consists in 30 mL of espresso combined with the same amount of steamed milk.


We hope this has shed a light on those drinks and if you have the chance to try them all, let us know which one you prefer!


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