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Have you ever considered home roasting? We have mentioned in previous articles how roasting is made and the different stages, now we are going to see why buying some beans and try to create your own blends and flavours is both fun and interesting.

This is a process that not many people would do for other purposes than professional, but some coffee amateurs like to face the challenge. It was a common thing for households until the 1940’s to roast their own coffee at home. Afterwards, everyone started to prefer the convenience of buying already roasted coffee.

As an hobby, you always learn as you go, testing different types of roastings in small batches and discovering new tastes, good or bad.

Home-roasting machines

Pretty much anything that can generate enough heat can be used to roast coffee beans: pans and ovens are tools that can be found in every kitchen. Beware though, the final result has a high chance of being pretty terrible. Those are only two examples, there are other tools that can be used to do so, but none will reach a good quality unless they are built for the sole purpose of roasting coffee.

As explained in in James Hoffmann’s Atlas of Coffee there are two different types of machines that can be used for roasting at home:

  • Hot-air roasters: a smaller sized version of the professional fluid bed roasters, these roasting machines blow hot air that moves the beans continuously while roasting them in an homogeneous way.
  • Drum roasters: once again, very similar to the professional ones, they are built on a different scale and with other quality and materials. More advanced ones can even have a programming function that can help create your own roasting profiles for you to replicate your favourite roasts and discoveries!

This was just a short introduction to show you it is actually possible -and easy- to roast your own coffee! And if you believe that finding green coffee beans is hard, just check online, several websites offer the option on having them delivered at home directly!

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