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About Us

The Coffee Maker is a site that was born out of our passion for coffee. What is it about us that pushed us to create this site? We used to have coffee during our university days either to keep ourselves awake during the long days of study or sitting comfortably with friends or a book. 

As we started working, those habits didn’t change so we just said to ourselves “why not trying to do something about coffee?”. Everyone needs a hobby, a way to spend their free time doing something they like. That’s how we started. Reading about coffee, drinking and making all the different kind that we could while never stopping enjoying it.

This is how the journey began, we do not know where it’s going to take us yet, but as long as we can enjoy doing it and make other people enjoy it too, we will do my best for it.

This will be all about coffee related topics: from the drinks to the way of making them, the tools and even the history of coffee. We hope to bring together people with the same passion for coffee or that simply enjoy it.

So while this project start and will hopefully grow, please relax and let’s enjoy our favorite drink together!

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Finally, we have now started guest blogging, sharing our story and passion with other people. If you are curious about what’s going on in our daily lives, check here the story from one of our members!

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