What kind of coffee roast do you drink? Are you more light, medium or dark?

Over the centuries coffee has spread all around the world, so much that now everyone has access to it, whether as a commodity or a speciality product. People may drink it almost automatically every day on their way to work or reading the news, in the office or just to enjoy some rest time. Whether by themselves, with friends and loved ones, coffee is a constant presence in people’s lives. But few people actually know how that has come to be or what coffee really is, do you? So, join us to discover and discuss here what are your types and where they come from!

Robusta Coffee
Robusta coffee roasted beans

Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee represents roughly 30% of the worldwide production of coffee and is used mainly for instant coffees, espresso blends or as a filler for other various blends. But what…

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