Whichever coffee places you go and no matter which country or city in the world you are in, there are always things to discover.

Places serving great coffee exist in many different forms: from a small shop at the corner of the street to the main café in the city centre. There is no way of saying which one is the best, because all of them have something to offer of their own. It could be a big worldwide chain or a family business. Or even just someone inviting you to their place for a simple espresso. All of those places offer you something special.

From the birthplace of Espresso in Italy to the small shops in Japan, New Zealand or the US, to finally reach where coffee itself is harvested. We are aiming to discover and share as much as we can. And we are not planning on doing this by ourselves, so please join us in this adventure and share any place you deem special in its own way!

We hope you will enjoy travelling to the coffee places of the world with us, now let’s start this new chapter!

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