What is coffee?

Before going further in this section, I believe it’s important to answer this question before: what is the coffee plant?
We all know the drinks and any dishes that can be prepared with its fruit, but how many of us know how it gets there?

The coffee plant

From a botanical point of view, it’s an evergreen plant of the Coffea type growing in tropical-equatorial areas, where most of the countries that specialized in its culture are located. It needs a mild climate with temperatures ranging between 15° and 30° Celsius, with constant rainfalls and a soil rich in minerals.

The seeds start germinating after a few weeks from being planted and it takes about a

11942713775_6801a61677_o.jpgyear in order for it to be transplanted and used for production. After about 2 years, the plants start to produce their fruits, but they won’t be able to reach their full productivity before at least 3 years up to 5. Once they reach maturity, the coffee plants remain productive for a period going from 15 to 30 years.

The fruit

The coffee plant presents oval leaves and white flowers arranged in clusters and they produce a red fruit – or yellow depending on the variety- that is quite like cherries.
The fruits contain two seeds wrapped in their membranes: a thin one called the silver skin and a thicker one called parchment.
Depending on how often it rains, the presence of flowers and the cherries at different stages of maturity can change. White and green flowers can be present at the same time due to multiple flowerings.

There are several kinds of Coffea plants but the ones that are cultivated in order to be savoured are the Arabica and the Robusta. Both growing at altitudes of up to 2,000m.

qsdqsdsq.jpgOnce the cherries are ripe, then starts the production process for the beans to be savoured. All of the tasks in the process are made thoroughly in order to obtain the perfect product can be separated in 3: the harvesting of the cherries, the processing of the beans and the drying and sorting of the beans.


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