Hot or cold, sweet or coarse, we all love our coffee drinks depending on our mood, the time of the day or any other reason.

You can wake up and enjoy a cappuccino and its foamy milk while eating a croissant or just have a quick espresso without having to sit down at the table. A long americano to take away and make sure that you’ll wake up on the way?

All these drinks are part of our daily life in so many different ways that it would be a waste to miss anything they have to offer, this is why we will try to go through all of them and help you discover them!

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All people are proud of what makes them special in the eyes of everyone, Italian people are no different and they are right to do so when it comes to their espresso! You can have look here to discover how this became one of the most popular drinks all around the world and a symbol of Italian excellence for coffee.

One of the best treats you can have when going to relax in a café with your friends, reading a book or simply to have a nice time. The cappuccino is now part of our everyday life, but how did it become so? You can discover it in this article and let us know your thoughts!

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