A lot of good things come from coffee. What about using the beans and the drink to create coffee food?

In this section we will explore all the recipes that are either coffee based or that are simply perfect to enjoy with your coffee, sweet or sour, there is something in all of them that makes the taste unique when they are mixed with your favourite drink. Both the coffee and the dish will increase and transform each other’s taste.

We’ll also have a closer look at some of the “rules” that surround the world of coffee when it comes to what to drink and when to drink it. For example, do you know why people in Italy usually don’t drink cappuccino in the afternoon?

As you can see now, this section will not be only limited to food, but also to anecdotes about coffee and how it is consumed by people. We want to make this section as entertaining as possible, bringing information in an easy and informative way for all of you!

So let’s get this going, come and discover here some incredibly good recipes that have been created over the years and some stories behind them!

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