Harvesting the coffee is a very important step in the coffee production process and so is the timing in which it is made. Without surprise, when coffee beans are harvested once the fruits reach its peak ripeness, then the final product will offer the best taste, if the steps following the harvesting are made so... Continue Reading →

Arabica Coffee Varieties

The first coffee trees that have been found in Ethiopia, from the Typica variety, are still widely cultivated nowadays, but many other now exist and have been developed either through natural mutations or cross-breeding. All the different varieties of Arabica have their own taste characteristics while others will develop them from the soil they are... Continue Reading →


We have seen previously where the coffee beans come from, how they get treated and prepared before becoming the ones that we consumed by enjoying our favorite drinks. Today we are going to have a better look into the process that takes place after the processing of the beans and will produce the final product:... Continue Reading →

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